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Back Lane Soap

'Unwind' soap gift bundle - vegan 4 x 100g | £15.95

4 chunky, cold processed soap bars, with aromatherocally handmadeapy essential oils, 100% natural.

1 x ‘Calmed Mind’, with a soothing, earthy, yet clarifying blend of Eucalyptus & Patchouli essential oils.

1 x ‘Lemon Verbena’, with a rejuvenating citrus and herbal blend of the essential oils of Lemon Verbena, Rosemary & Eucalyptus.   

1 x ‘Cottage Garden’, with a classic blend of Rosemary & Lavender essential oils; relaxing, yet herbal and penetrating.

Plus a bonus mystery wrapped soap; 1 x ‘Mountain Spa’ OR ‘Spanish Retreat’.

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